Health Benefits


Trimming Nails:

Your dog’s nails need to be trimmed to the correct length to avoid them from getting too long. Long nails are riddled with many problems. To begin with they create discomfort to the dog while walking. As a result the dog may start to walk in an abnormal fashion on the sides of its paws. This is often the cause of painful arthritis and bone malformations if left unattended. Trimming will also avert a very painful condition where the nails grow into the footpads of your dog. Trimming nails also offers a close view of the dogs feet and helps to highlight some other concerns like cracked/dry paw pads, tangled fur around the area and swelling.

Tooth Brushing:

A daily or even thrice a week brushing regimen can save your dogs teeth from most dental disease and bad breath. Brush your dog’s teeth everyday using toothpaste specially designed for dogs. Its best to familiarize the pet to this routine while it is young. In the absence of regular brushing bacteria flourishes in the mouth that leads to plaque formation the teeth. Plaque together with your pet’s saliva and mineral deposits in the mouth cause swelling and reddening of the gums. Our pets are very stoic so they don’t complain when their teeth and gums hurt.

Ear Cleaning:

Regular ear cleaning and plucking is important to prevent unwanted bacteria that can lead to ear infections.

Regular Grooming: Allows us to monitor the skin, spot lumps, bumps, and wounds on your pet’s skin as well as infections. It puts you in a better position to identify health issues your pet maybe suffering from early before they turn into something more serious or fatal.

Bonus Benefit

Dogs mostly enjoy getting their hair brushed, face facial with a blueberry mask, a gentle massage followed by a warm relaxing bath.
Remember that dog’s coat is like his suit/clothes; hence it is very vital for his hair to be free of bad odor, ticks, fleas, tangles, dead hair and dirt.